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Industrial Components has just created a line of encoding/decoding products that allows for Intrinsically Safe data transfer among different devices.


  Non Load Break Visible Disconnect 15KV

The Non Load Break Visible Disconnect switches are available rate through 15KV. An auxiliary switch is provided on the switch handle that operates prior to switch blade operation to permit interruption by other devices.

  4300/4200 15kv 600 amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The Vacuum Circuit Breaker is designed to protectively disrupt an electrical circuit upon signal. The breaker may also be closed by operating the switch handle. It may be opened manually or electrically by optional undervoltage and/or shunt trip devices. The standard visible disconnect is a visual means of circuit interruption and also a means of grounding the output terminals. The Vacuum Circuit Breaker closes into a load versus the Vacuum Load Breaker which breaks a load.

Available in either the 5313 or 4300 Style

  B210 Four Channel IS Relay

This is a four channel Intrinsically safe solid state relay. LED's make trouble shooting easy and a simple interface makes this relay very user friendly. DIN rail mounting makes this relay an ideal solution for all types of environments. This product is certified by MSHA (No. 18-ISA050003-0). An optional stainless steel case can be ordered for added protection (not pictured).

  C113 Ground Trip System

This ground trip system provides ground fault protection for ground power systems. The assembly provides the protection by tripping the undervoltage release coil or the shunt trip coil of the circuit breaker of the power circuit. The assembly requires 120 VAC control power for operation. The assembly detects a ground fault condition with the use of a zero sequence CT core that has all three phases of the power circuit passing through it. The CT core has a test winding to allow simulation of a ground fault condition for testing purposes. The ground fault test is performed with a test pushbutton located on the front of the assembly.
The ground fault assembly has a mechanical trip target for indication that the assembly tripped due to a ground fault and must be manually reset.

  C112 Capacitor Trip

This capacitor trip assembly provides DC tripping power for high voltage circuit breakers. The capacitor trip assembly requires 120 VAC input power.
The output of the capacitor trip assembly is 175 VDC. This DC output can also be used to power the solid state overcurrent relays that detect a fault condition. The capacitor trip assembly has a light that indicates that it has a charge and is ready to supply trip control power.


  C120 High Voltage Ground Monitor

This ground monitor is an impedance type ground wire monitor designed to be used on high voltage power circuits and connects to the pilot wire and ground wire of the power circuit to monitor the resistance of the ground circuit. The ground monitor requires 120 VAC control power for operation.
The ground monitor is designed to be used with high voltage circuit breakers that have an undervoltage release coil or a shunt trip coil for tripping means and two sets of form C contacts are provided.
The high voltage ground monitor has two modes of operation, UVR and NON-UVR . The UVR mode is used with high voltage circuit breakers with only undervoltage release coils. The NON-UVR mode is used with high voltage circuit breakers that only have a shunt trip. The ground monitor has an internal timer to prevent tripping the high voltage circuit breaker on power up situations. The ground monitor is self resetting after a trip condition occurs or by disconnecting a jumper between two terminals, it is necessary to manually reset the ground monitor after a tripping.


The DC to 120 AC Inverter allows the use of AC powered devices on a DC power supplied system. LEDs allow for visual inspection to ensure operation and a heavy duty stainless steel case makes it ideal for rugged industrial applications.

  C115 Safety Interlock Switch

This is a enclosed insulated spring interlock switch. Single pole, single throw with 1/4 inch spade terminals. This switch operates at 5 amps and 240 VAC.

  New Products!!!
We are always beating our brains trying to come up with the next great product. After a year of intense product research and prototyping we have made substantial grounds in the area of  remote monitoring systems and data encoding and decoding (See our New Products Section). In order to maintain our competitive edge we are remaining tight lipped on our progress. However, stay tuned and watch this area for more details.