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Industrial Components has just created a line of encoding/decoding products that allows for Intrinsically Safe data transfer among different devices.


  Useful Links
Below you will find a list of websites that we have found useful in our attempts to purchase parts, learn new technology, and gather general information. We hope this information proves useful to you as well.
Windows Embedded 
Home of valuable information on Windows CE and technologies that use this versatile operating system.
Home of many free libraries and useful information concerning C# and Visual Basic .NET when it comes to the .NET Compact Framework.
Microsoft SQL Server
Home of books online in regards to SQL Server. Invaluable resource for those who need this service in there applications.
Z-World - Embedded Microprocessors
This site contains some of the best embedded controllers when it comes to embedded networking.
This company is the best place to find any electrical component you might need.
This website has information on mining, minerals, coal, mineral processing, coal preparation, equipment used in the mining and process industries as well as other related topics. Very informative and useful site.
This page is hosted courtesy of the mining industry. This website is full of information including links to suppliers, government agencies, and coal trade magazines. This site is well worth the visit.
This site is one of the best when it comes to the rail industry. It provides a lot of links and it has a wide selection of information and companies involved in the rail industry.