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Industrial Components has just created a line of encoding/decoding products that allows for Intrinsically Safe data transfer among different devices.


  Vacuum Interrupter Rebuild Shop

At Industrial Components we have just opened a vacuum interrupter rebuild shop. With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience with vacuum interrupters, we are able to provide the highest quality 5313 vacuum circuit breaker and 4300 vacuum circuit breakers style rebuilds. Our extensive list of suppliers enables us to provide OEM replacement parts including name brand vacuum interrupter bottles and accessory parts. vacuum bottles. Competitive prices combined with proven experience ensures that you will receive the best products for the best prices.

Rebuilt 5313 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Style Vacuum Interrupter

  Redesigned 4300/5313 Vacuum Interrupter

In addition to our rebuild shop we also offer a redesigned 4300/5313 style vacuum interrupter. This switch incorporates many engineering improvements. A 100% stainless steel frame and hardware eliminates corrosion and extends the operating life of the switch. We also eliminate wiring and confusion by using an auxiliary contact (3 N.O. and 3 N.C. Contacts) instead of the standard terminal block used by our competitors.